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Sanctuary TEAM

Sanctuary is a game I've composed the most for. It's been a lot of fun writing all kinds of different music for this sprawling turn-based RPG!

Tower of Eden

Composing for Tower of Eden is a blast because I get to go all out on the dark fantasy/tech vibe. Definitely one of my favorites!


Tattered Sails

I've always wanted to compose music for a pirate game and I'm really thankful to be able to compose for Tattered Sails!

Blade Trick

Capturing the retro 80s vibe for this pixel art turn-based RPG has been a lot of fun! Mixing genres like this is always a good time.

Sonic Forces Overclocked

I had the pleasure of writing the final boss theme and the trailer theme for the Sonic Forces mod project "Sonic Forces Overclocked!" 


Biomancer was a project I did in my early days of game composing. I learned a lot about how game music works and how to compose orchestra mixed with electronic elements!

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